Surprise! Electric Rolls Royce Will Be Ridiculously Expensive

Rolls Royce has planned to release an electric version of their car for some time, but before they do that, they're making a concerted effort to make sure they nail every detail. It is, after all, still a Rolls. So the 102EX, as they're calling their electric car, is a test model that'll tour around, get pushed to the limit and see if it can live up to the name.

Right now, the 102EX has a 96cell li-ion battery that holds 71kWh which is only good enough for 200km of charge. There's going to be a lot of charging of this pup.

The price of the electric Rolls Royce is expected to be close $US1.6 million dollars (3-5 times more expensive than your "normal" Rolls). [Electric Luxury via Daily Mail via Consumerist]

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