Sr. Mistu For iPhone

Sr. Mistu For iPhone

Poor Sr. Mistu, who happens to be blind, has run out of olives for his pizza! In this straightforward but beautiful, hand-drawn and -animated puzzle game, you have to help him collect his beloved olives while keeping him out of harm’s way.

What is it?

Sr. Mistu, $1.19, iPhone. There’s not much to it: you use your finger to trace a route for Sr. Mistu and his pup as they attempt to wind through moving cars, stroller-pushing parents, falling plants and pianos, and myriad other obstacles, all the while collecting delicious, delicious olives. What sets Mistu apart, though, are its gorgeous, hand-drawn levels; the gameplay itself might not be anything very special, but it has a visual style that totally sets it apart, especially once the journey takes you underseas.

Who’s it good for?

People who like pizza; fans of mobile games that look different; people who appreciate whimsy; Belle and Sebastian fans.

Why’s it better than alternatives?

I’d pay a buck just to have drawings of these several dozen levels on my iPhone. Bringing them to life and letting me trace my way through them makes this a no-brainer pickup.

How could it be even better?

Sometimes the game has trouble recognising gestures on top of the tiny hand-drawn objects, making it tough to pull Mistu’s dog around tight corners and the like. Also: the moving obstacles stop when you’re drawing the Mistu’s path, changing the focus from one of timing to one of memorisation. I suspect the other approach might be better.

Sr. Mistu, iPhone [iTunes]