South Korea Wants 'Zombie PC Prevention' Software On Every PC

Honestly, I'm surprised this bill is trying to be passed in the more liberal South Korea. It's not looking good for the country's citizens, who'd have to install the anti-virus software... or face the law's might.

Obviously people will freak out and think that the government is spying on them or their business. It wouldn't be good news for large corporations, either. But there's also a question mark over what would happen to purveyors of anti-"zombie" software in the country, once the government forces their own security onto each computer.

Interestingly, this bill has come at highly-coincidental time as a major piece of malware has been doing the rounds in the country, which according to experts doesn't look or behave like a typical virus. It's not a huge jump to associate this piece of malware as being related to the proposed bill - though no-one can prove that, obviously. [OpenWeb via TechDirt via BusinessInsider]

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