Sony’s Qriocity Service To Offer Personal Space, Support For 3rd Party Apps

Sony’s Qriocity Service To Offer Personal Space, Support For 3rd Party Apps
 src=It was last year at IFA that Sony announced its cloud-based Qriocity service to the world. The first part of that service, Music unlimited, landed last month, and Sony have promised a video on demand movie service to follow in the near future. But in a slide at today’s Australia launch for their upcoming range of Bravia TVs, Sony indicated that Qriocity could offer much more, including personal storage space and support for 3rd party applications.

The slide, which was an indication of what the service could offer in the future. During the presentation, Sony’s Paul Colley explained:

“[Qriocity]will encompass a whole bunch of different types of services. Music we’ve already launched here, video we’re launching soon…Things like personal space, ebooks, games… And it will also encompass other third party services”.

“Anything you would like to do that you can do on the internet, you’ll be able to do on the Qriocity cloud space.

That’s a pretty big step up from the music and VOD service that was initially announced, and potentially has the ability to push Sony firmly into the service space by offering a range of cloud services. But when we asked for clarification, Colley explained that the services outside of Music Unlimited and Video on Demand are still to be confirmed:

“[Those features]are very much theory of what we could do.”

I for one would love a cloud-based service that I could easily access video and photo files through my TV, PC or mobile phone. Here’s hoping that these ideas move out of the theory space and into the reality space soon.