Sonos Launches Australian On Demand Music Service, Anubis.FM

When it comes to all you can eat music subscription services, Australia is a relative wasteland compared to the UK and the US. But Sony seems to be trying to fight that, backing up their launch of Music Unlimited with a service called, a partnership with Sonos that lets Sonos users access millions of tracks from their Sonos device.

Exactly why Sony and Sonos decided to name their service after the jackal-headed god of the afterlife in ancient Egyptian mythology we'll never know, but given that they've got a catalog of over 2 million tracks from Sony Music, Universal, EMI, Warner and independent labels, it's a fairly extensive service.

For $12.99 a month, you get on demand access to any of the tracks available on the service, without having to create a workaround to the US music services on your Sonos. There's also a 30 day free trial, if you're interested in checking it out and own a Sonos.


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