Simpson Episodes Being Pulled Over Nuke Jokes

Germany, Australia and Switzerland have pulled a few Simpsons episodes from airing because of potentially sensitive nuke jokes in light of Japan's nuclear situation.

The Hollywood Reporter specifies on which episodes are being pulled from airing:

Austria's ORF has already pulled two episodes set to broadcast: Episode 66, Marge Gets a Job, which features scientists Marie Curie and Pierre Curie dying of radiation poisoning; and Episode 346, On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister, in which characters joke about a nuclear meltdown. Tagesspeigel says ORF has held back eight Simpsons episodes until the end of April, when it will review its Springfield disaster policy.

Here in the US, FOX has handed out a list of episodes that contain jokes that could be objectionable and allowing whether or not to air them but no decision has been made yet. New episodes won't be affected by this at all. [Hollywood Reporter via Mediate]

Image Credit: Simpsons Wiki

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