Shooting Challenge: 6 Stunning Sunrises

There's just something about photos taken at the crack of dawn that makes them super special. Being up and ready at just the right time is one thing, and as these six reader photos show, no two shots ever come close to being the same.

Alex Bieniawski

I was hoping to get some great shots on Sunday morning in the city but the sunrise was rainy, grey and dull. I did manage to get this hdr of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music using my canon 500d w/ tokina 11-16mm @ f/10 1/10th, 1/40th and 1/160th sec processed using Photomatix Light.

Ben Smeath

This picture was taken in my backyard in Caboolture, near Brisbane in QLD when I was working my horse. Believe it or not this picture was taken with an iPhone 4, with the default Camera app. I love taking shots which create a lens flare effect, as it create stunning silhouettes. Note the storm brewing in the left.

Matthew Post

Sunrise, on a rather cloudy Saturday 26 March 2011, in Gympie, Qld.

ISO 100 f/16, 1/3sec (3 Shot HDR +2/0/-2) Canon 350d 18mm-55mm Kit Lens Grad ND Filter Increased Contrast & Saturation Photoshop

Mitch Beavis

Was taken the other day in Townsville at sunrise, taken on a Nikon D700 with a 12:24mm lens

Was up in far north qld visiting some extended family, been 10 years since i lived there and miss it dearly, think this one captures the beauty of the place seeing how it was been through a fair few rough patches of late.

Walked out side first thing in the morning camera in hand and snap there it is.

Richard Siu

Taken during a cigarette break, while pulling an all night-er for university. Taken at 6:00AM from my balcony as the sun began to appear. Excellent procrastination...

Canon350D, ISO 100, F11, 30 sec shutter

Taken using a tripod

Chris Rankin

This image was taken in Mount Barker Perth Western Australia by myself on my mates farm It was early morning about 5.30 and it was about 2 decrease. There was low cloud surrounding the hills which made for the perfect picture It was shot with a Canon Power shot A470

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