Searching For The Ultimate Universal Remote Control

If there was one gadget that I'd argue is the cornerstone of my home theatre setup, it's not my 50-inch plasma or my AV receiver. It's my Logitech Harmony Universal remote control. But after a week away, I came back to discover something horrific - my Harmony has disappeared!

As the parent of an 18 month old boy, I have my suspicions of what actually happened to the remote - little fingers have taken it and either hidden it in a bin that has since been thrown out, or placed into some other hidey hole we're unable to discover.

So for the past two weeks, we've been reduced to navigating our television watching using not one, not two, but three separate remote controls. And while we've been optimistic that the little man of the house would recover theremote from his mysterious hiding place and save the day, with each passing night spent juggling remotes, our hopes are beginning to disappear.

Which brings me to the crux of the issue - what universal remote is the best option for replacing our old unit? I have my thoughts as to what I want, but I thought I'd open it up and see what Giz readers would suggest. Let us know in comments.

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