Samsung Series 9 Is Thinner, More Expensive Than MacBook Air

Samsung's Series 9 laptop is the first real dart thrown at the MacBook Air; it's lighter, it's thinner, it's faster, and it looks gorgeous.

Looks like Samsung's not going to match Apple on price, though. The 13-inch Series 9 starts at $US1650, 50 bucks more than the most expensive Air and a full $US350 more than Apple's base model. And while you can argue that Samsung's fit some better specs in, it's not clear that you'd really ever need more than what the MacBook Air offers outside of hardcore professional use - which it looks the Series 9 can't handle either. [Samsung]


    seriously.. you're going to compare prices of a netbook power MacAir (a 3 year old core2duo, 65nm process,SL8VS,SL9JN,SL9K3) against a Sandy bridge i5 (released this year, 32nm process

    This thing is a Ferrari to Mac's VW. 10% more cost for 5x the computer.. bargain.

    Did I mention that its also super thin and sexy?? The MBA isn't even close this thing's league.

      With this shitty Intel graphic .... this is more of a ferrari with Kia engine :)

      You are right about one thing ... it looks a way better than MBA

    Looks like it Samsung did it again COPY a awesome product doesn't look like their can come up with their on things and always run 1 year behind

      1. It looks nothing like the macbook air, this is brushed stainless steel. 2. How is it a year behind? The specs eat the air for breakfast.

    You know I'm all for being a fan, but dissing a product that's obviously better spec'ed, for just $50 takes Brian Barret from a fanboy to a Troll.

    The Sammy can handly an i5 with 8Gb and an SSD, I'll love to use that professionally!

      +1, seriously...
      Upgrading the 13" MBA to 4Gb ram (what the Series 9 has) already puts the price up an extra $100, and there's still the CPU to consider. Gfx I'm not sure about, the limited info I've found though seems to point to the HD GT2 performing better than the 320M.

      Lol, and your argument about 'not needing more than what the Macbook Air offers' is Just no.

      Yeap another one of those pro Apple comment by Giz. Comparing a ferarri to a VW golf would be right.

      Pay bit more for at least 3x better performace, money well spent. will wait for this to hit our shores...if it every does :(

        These were in the latest Harvey Norman catalogues in Perth (But not on website..), retailing for $2k+

      I too will add my +1.
      a little bit of impartiality would be nice. i use giz generally for local oz tech news that i otherwise miss reading, but this kind of "reporting" just drives me crazy. "it’s not clear that you’d really ever need more than what the MacBook Air offers"? jesus h. christ. i feel like i'm being evangelized to (or whined at): "but why, why won't you just accept a mac as your personal computing saviour?" on another note, things may be different in the US, or things may be different if/when the samsung gets released in australia, but the MBA comes with a 1 year limited warranty here unless you pay #329 for an extra two years with applecare. $329. On the samsung website it appears that a 3 year international warranty is included in the price.
      i'm by no means a samsung fan, i'm just saying don't be a dick, gizmodo.

    How long is the battery life because this thing is already looking better than the MBA in ever other aspect.

      macbook air (13inch) 1440x900 (native), this 1,366 x 768

    I have to agree with most of the comments here - a MacBook Air is a toy compared to this.

    When the Core i7 version with 8Gb of RAM arrives, I will be replacing my Dell M4400 with it and expect to get a massive performance boost for Photoshop, After Effects and my real-time music software. It should easily be able to handle 3DS Max and I'd expect rendering to be much faster. Of course, mostly I will have it attached to a monitor but the 13.3" screen should be usable enough on the road.

      You just dont get it do you...the reason you need all those specs is because of the OS. It runs windows not unix and will always need more memory, more cpu more everything.

      You just talk cock. You know nothing about cs, stop pretending. Lol

    I should also have mentioned that you get what you pay for. One of these beauties will pay for itself in a matter of a few months, and will still be cheaper than my M4400 was, where a MacBook Air would be a vanity buy that I would never recover the cost of, simply because it is useless for any serious work. The only reason to even think about comparing them is the form factor, when it comes to performance they couldn't be further apart.

    Samsung Australia sucks big time... their customer representative people don't even have a clue about this product. I called them on this number 1300 362 603 and I ended up at IT support dept who transferred me to customer sales. A lady there first put me on hold because apparently she didn’t sound like she had heard of the Samsung 9 series laptop. She came back claiming the laptop is already on their website and its being sold by retailers around Australia. When I told her Samsung Australia website and Australian retailers websites are all ‘silence’ on the product, she again put me on hold, apparently trying to check the websites herself. She then went away putting me on hold and I ended up back at the IT support dept where a new guy picked the call as if I was calling for the first time. He wanted to take me back to sales dept and I told him, look man, you suck… I was just talking to a sales person and I don’t understand how I ended up back at IT.
    It’s kinda frustrating… any idea when this baby comes to Australian retailers and for how much? Or should I just buy from America?

    I so need to get this... Still don't understand how this is a Mac vs Wndows thing, I will probably just wipe the hardrive and install Linux, and other people can do the same thing with hackintosh.

    I just got one....all i can say is wow!!! my old Toshiba crashed big time and i had to get a new one fast, a bit pricey at $1995 from hardly normals, but im very happy with it. only 100GB, will this be taken up with windows updates????

    Its funny, because Apple released new MBA with i5 and i7 processors

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