Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Landing Mid-April For $729

Samsung is the first company to really try and take on Apple in the tablet marketplace, and while its first Android tablet didn't exactly set the world on fire, its second 10.1-inch model shows some promise. Oh, and it now has an Australian launch date and price.

The 10.1-inch, Honeycomb-toting Android tablet will be available in Australia from mid-April. The catch is that it will be exclusive to Vodafone at launch.

There will be two pricing options for the tablet with Vodafone - a $729 outright purchase which includes 6GB of data with a 3 month expiry, or a $259 up front payment and $39 a month for 12 months (which includes 1.5GB each month).

Compared to the infamous $999 outright pricing of the Galaxy Tab, this is a huge step forward on the price front for Samsung to take on Apple, although the hardware itself - in Samsung's own words - may not be as good as Apple's iPad 2. Not to mention the current misgivings among the early adopter crowd that Vodafone's network isn't exactly ideal for data usage, which this device will only put more pressure on.

Compared to the just release iPad 2 Pricing, The Galaxy Tab is right on the money, with 16GB of internal storage and 3G connectivity for the same $729 pricing as Apple's 16GB WiFi + 3G version. If anything, Samsung's offering is even slightly superior given it includes 6GB of mobile data. But whether that remains enough to convince buyers away from the shininess of Apple is another thing entirely.



    I don't plan on buying one, but competition in the tablet market can only be a good thing.

    I know it will never happen, but I would love a slightly larger ipad. As Mrs Jobs says - just one more inch please Steve.

    "although the hardware itself – in Samsung’s own words – may not be as good as Apple’s iPad 2"

    Wow. That's twisting someone's words. The Samsung's specs are clearly superior and they did not concede the iPad was at all better spec'd.

    The comment was regarding the thickness of the respective units. The iPad being 2.1mm thinner than the Samsung.

    BTW, the iPad is 14g heavier :P (and crippled)

      and partly price. which they quickly fixed

    I believe this is the old 10.1, not the new thiner one. lame!
    "Samsung says it has no plans to bring that original version out in the US, but it will still hit Vodafone overseas."

    I won't touch it or anything else on Vodfone.
    That will be all.

    The 3G chip appears compatible with all AUS networks (850/900/1900/2100mhz: specs from, and I believe AUS law requires an unlock be available, so with outright purchase & unlock all should be sweet, or just import from US.

    Bad move Samsung, releasing this product through Vodaphone.
    When will the ridgy didge 10.1 tablet be released and through who?

    $729, wtf?

    it has been widely advertised as $499 USD all over the web, which should mean $500 AUD (or lower, given AUD > USD).

    IMO do not buy.

    I agreed with Matt, the price should be cheaper then US because our $$ is much stronger now, why we have to pay more then US market, as well as iPad, why we have to pay more in Australia? Apple iPhone4 selling 1/4 dearler then US???

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