Reeltime.TV Could Rise From The Ashes, Uncertain Of NBN

Reeltime.TV Could Rise From The Ashes, Uncertain Of NBN

 title=If there’s one thing the NBN promises with ubiquitous high speed internet across the country, it’s the arrival of a whole new realm of companies offering services that take advantage of the speed bump. Reeltime.TV, the failed movie download service from the mid-noughties, is also hoping to rise from the ashes of administration to take advantage of the new broadband world order.

But despite the company’s plan to return to the digital movie distribution game by raising $1.6 million in capital, they don’t necessarily expect the NBN to be the valiant steed they will make their triumphant return upon. Talking to Stuart Corner at ITWire, the company has stated that uncertainties surrounding the NBN has meant they’ve had to analyse their business model:

“Unfortunately, the uncertainty in relation to the rollout of the National Broadband Network has caused the company to examine the viability of this business model with great care. The ongoing uncertainty in relation to the nature, method of delivery and market penetration of the NBN, coupled with the uncertainty created by the fact that the NBN is a contentious political issue, has caused delay, and the company has not finalised a model for the rollout of online delivery of movies.”

In a world with downloadable movies from iTunes, BigPond, plus Playstation and Xbox 360 movie portals, and not to mention the impending Quickflix launch, Reeltime.TV could be a welcome player, but it would be more promising if they could offer a point of difference in a market quickly filling up.