Qatar Will Use $US500,000 Artificial Clouds For World Cup

When I heard that World Cup 2022 was going to be in Qatar, I was confused like everyone else. Isn't it deathly hot over there? But they've got a solution: make artificial clouds (something Bill Gates has wanted to do) to cool down the temperature.

Apparently, the artificial clouds, developed by scientists at Qatar University, are made from a "lightweight carbon structure carrying a giant envelope of material containing helium gas". There are four solar-powered engines that will move the "cloud" (via remote control) to block the sun and make the temperature playable. This is cool! But this will also happen in 2022, a whole 11 years from now where we'll likely be using an iPhone 16 (which hopefully by then, will have its own artificial cloud) and seeing a dominant US soccer team win the damn thing. One or the other, at least. [Daily Mail via CrunchGear]

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