Otaku Rooms Are Dangerous In Earthquakes

Otaku Rooms Are Dangerous In Earthquakes

The recent earthquake and tsunami ravaged northeastern Japan, but it also turned much of the Kanto area upside down. Otaku are uploading images of havoc it caused in their nerd kingdoms.

Of course, there isn’t even remotely near to the damage caused elsewhere in the country – damage that cost people their homes, lives and loved ones.

However, it does show that those cases and cabinets used to hold video games, comics and figures are dangerous in an earthquake. The Sendai quake hit at around 3pm, when everyone was out of the house and in their office.

The 1995 earthquake that hit Kobe and Osaka struck in the early morning hours. Cabinets and bookshelves toppled over, killing people. This is serious stuff, so if you do have cabinets or cases like these and live in an earthquake prone country, do make sure they are secure and won’t fall over.

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