Optus Sending Another Satellite To Space In 2013

Optus Sending Another Satellite To Space In 2013
 src=Even though we know the planet’s orbit is slowly but surely filling up with space junk, it’s still exciting to hear about new satellites being sent up to cater to Australians. Optus today have announced they will be launching a new satellite, Optus 10, in 2013.

The satellite will be built by Space Systems/Loral in Palo Alto, California, and will be used for both broadcast,voice and data transmissions accorirding to Optus MD of Wholesale and Satellite, Vicki Brady:

“Optus 10 will deliver customers the flexibility to provide high quality broadcast services to households, and two-
way voice and data communication services to areas in and around Australia and NZ well into the future. This is
vital infrastructure particularly for those areas without access to terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure.”

It wasn’t quite 18 months ago that Optus launched its last satellite, the D3, into orbit. It gave us te gift of HD channels on Foxtel, among many other things. Lets hope Optus 10 gives us similar technological joy.