Obama Administration Planning To Extend Privacy Rights For Internet Users

If you’re tired of online entitites playing fast and loose with the personal data of its users, you’ll be happy to hear that the Obama administration will attempt to pass legislation providing those users with a Bill of Rights regarding privacy on the internet.

Among other things, the December report suggested that companies should ask an individual’s permission to use personal data for a purpose other than for which it was collected. The administration also eventually could propose that consumers be given the right to access information about themselves and to have the information stored securely, the person said.

The administration’s plan to push for legislation reflects a shifting attitude by the government, which for more than a decade favoured a hands-off approach to the Internet. Officials have said the increasing intrusiveness of online tracking has forced them to reassess that approach.

This will include the development of a “do not track” tool which would allow you to opt out of any online targeting. [WSJ]