NSW Killing 3KPH Speed Camera Leeway For Extra Revenue

NSW Killing 3KPH Speed Camera Leeway For Extra Revenue
 src=Anybody who has driven through NSW recently would recognise the signs of speed cameras popping up everywhere. Argued to be there in order to slow drivers down to prevent accidents, a recent move by the Government proves that they are, in fact, little more than digital revenue raisers.

A report last week in Drive by Alexandra Smith cited leaked cabinet documents stating that the currently secret 3kph speeding leeway would be axed. The report, dated December 9 last year, says it will axe the “internal and undisclosed tolerance as applied by the State Debt Recovery Office to digitally captured infringements as notified by the RTA”.

Should this go ahead, it means that thousands of unaware drivers in NSW will be fined for speeding.

According to a senior policeman who spoke to Drive claimed that something as small as a new set of tyres or the width of the speedometer needle could end up fined. The different heights of different drivers in the same car could do the same thing.

As a point of comparison, it’s worth noting that the Australian design rules used to accomodate a 10 percent tolerance above or below the speed limit.

Of course, the Roads and Traffic Authority refuses to confirm either the 3kph leeway or the change, claiming that it was a matter for the State debt recovery office. Or the company responsible for taking your dollars away from you when you’re busted speeding.

Given the amount of technology manufacturers are putting into cars these days, it would make sense that the technology in the speed cameras were becoming a bit stricter as well… if there was no level of error in the car. But given that there are so many small things that can vary the accuracy of the speedometer in a car, there needs to be some level of leeway when it comes to driving.