Nintendo Distancing Itself From The 3D In 3DS

The 3DS is really neat, and Nintendo's done a good job so far making sure its nifty display makes great (rather than gimmicky) use of the extra depth. But there's one problem - not everyone can see the 3D.

If you're designing games that are meant to be enjoyed in 3D, those whose eyes can't process the bonus dimension aren't really going to be enjoying it as much, are they? It's a small slice of the population, but apparently significant enough to make Nintendo paradoxically reconsider the entire point of the 3DS: "We're moving away from any stance that says if you don't use the 3-D functionality you can't play this game," a Nintendo dev told GameLife. Meaning? More games that work just as well with 3D switched off. Meaning? Why the hell did you buy the 3DS in the first place? [Ars]


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