Nexus S 4G On Sprint Is The Same Nexus S Plus WiMax

The Nexus S 4G on Sprint is a self-explanatory little phone: It's the same Nexus S - Android 2.3, contour display, NFC powers - but with the added goodness of Sprint's 4G WiMax network.

It's probably our pick of Android phones now on Sprint - the Evo is nearly a year old, and the major advantage of the Nexus S is that it'll be on the bleeding edge of Android updates. Even if it's no Atrix 4G in terms of ultra-powered specs, it's good to see this phone make some headway on other carriers. Especially now that this kind of phone won't be happening with T-Mobile, if the AT&T deal goes through. No official pricing yet, but $US200 with a two-year contract sounds like the safe bet. [Google]

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