'My We' Is Scary Art To Address A Scary Situation

In the Philippines, where you can die for singing Frank Sinatra's "My Way" off key, artist Louie Cordero decided to satirise the ongoing violence with an over-the-top installation that shows just how crazy the phenomenon has gotten. It'll make you think twice whenever you find yourself humming the Sinatra songbook.

You may remember that the violence surrounding the pop classic has reached epidemic proportions. The situation has gotten so bad over the years that the news media calls the phenomenon the "My Way Killings". What Cordero did to address them was to create "My We", an installation with fiberglass models of people being cut, impaled, and maimed by cast aside Western objects. He even modified a videoke machine, turning it into a garish death machine that plays "My Way" on repeat, superimposing the lyrics over tabloid headlines about the killings. What you get is not only a commentary on the killings themselves, but also an indictment of the West's at times violent influence on "Third World" culture. [designboom]

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