LRPAD Lets You Control Adobe Lightroom With Your iPad

As anyone who's used Adobe's powerful RAW photo processing software Lightroom will attest, there is a hell of a lot you can do with it, and oftentimes all that functionality can overwhelm your machine's screen size. But what about that unused real estate on your iPad?

LRPAD, a $13 app that lets you control various Lightroom settings via a plug-in installed on your main machine, lets you put those pixels to use, with your fingers, no less.

The app gives you sliders for all Lightroom's main sections - Basic, Detail, Colour, Camera and Metadata - allowing photo fiends to fiddle with saturation, exposure, sharpness and the like. Over at Wired, Charlie Sorrel points out that there's a slight lag from the time you make adjustments to the time they show up on screen, which is frustrating, and he yearned for the ability to create his own custom layouts of buttons. Hopefully that's what updates are for. [iTunes via Wired]

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