Look Here: Lenovo See Future In Eye-Controlled Laptops

Your eyes and not your hands will perform the bulk of navigation tasks in the future, if technology progresses the way Lenovo hopes. Their prototype eye-controlled laptop is being unveiled to the public this week at the annual CeBit Tech Fair in Hannover, Germany. Among the usual touchscreens, tablets and handheld motion devices, Lenovo’s all-seeing computer lets you point, scroll and click just by using your eyes.

Lenovo have partnered with Swedish outfit and world eye optics research leader Tobii to create the prototype technology ,which essentially works by shining infrared lights towards the user’s eyes. Given the extremely useful array of applications, ranging from devices equipped for the disabled (which is already in use to an extent) to automotive and medical industries.

Just don’t get anything caught in your eyes though.

[via Tobii and AFP)

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