LG Selling Cheap Android Phone At Woolworths

Ah, the beauty of open source mobile - You can pack them full of features and charge a mint, or you can keep the features pretty basic and unleash it to the masses. Which is exactly what LG is doing with the new Optimus Me, which will be sold through Woolworths Supermarkets as well as mobile phone dealers.

Running Froyo and with a 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen, the Optimus Me will be sold outright for just $220. Powered by a 600MHz processor and including 2GB of storage space and a 1280mAh battery, the phone is definitely targeted at people wanting a bit more from their phones, but don't want to pony up the cash for a high-end model.

There's been a real influx of entry-level Android smartphones in the past few weeks - with Telstra and Huawei both getting on board. It's an intelligent move that will only speed up the inevitable smartphone domination of mobile phones. The Optimus Me should hit shelves at the beginning of April.


    Oh wow. Running Froyo? Impressive.

    Does it have an SD/MicroSD card slot though? That 2gb is frighteningly small.

      Specs do say microSD slot. Only QVGA screen though, unfortunately.

      The Huawei looks more interesting to me, though it's an extra $130.

    I just wish LG would release the bloody Optimus 2X locally already. There's plenty of eBay selling flogging off the dodgy imports, but LG Australia wont say a word on when they're going to pull their finger out and actually start selling it.

    The device infact only has 140MB internal space. But does have microSD slot (can handle 32gb card), so my guess is they include a 2gb microSD card.

    full spec sheet at


    Funny how discussions on boards like this always come back to specs. This phone isn't for anybody who knows what Froyo is. It's for kids, parents and grandparents who don't know any better. And there's a lot more of them than there is us.

      As a parent, I'm looking for a cheap-but-decent smartphone for my kids, and these (or the Huawei) look like they'll fit the bill nicely.

    hopefully it has a decent graphics chip... the wildfire has NONE!

    Personally, I'd go with the Huawei.

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