Let's Try To Guess How Much This Fancy iPhone Case Will Wind Up Costing

This is an iPhone case designed by fancy-pants watchmaker De Bethune. It's made of full-grain alligator leather and has a pocket watch with a DB 1024 movement built in. What the hell?

We're not even going to bother trying to figure out why someone would place a pocket watch on a case intended for a device which has a clock feature, and will instead focus on the more ridiculous issue with this accessory: Its cost.

The pricing—and the availability—of the case remain unannounced, but CrunchGear's resident watch expert John Biggs speculates that the price tag is bound to be in the thousands.

So, let's try to guess just how ridiculous the price will be before its announced. I'm going to go with $US8,000. You? [Gentleman's Gadgets via CrunchGear via Technabob via Bornrich]

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