Land-A Panda Is A Cannon-Based Cure For The Sad Panda

Land-A Panda Is A Cannon-Based Cure For The Sad Panda

Any zoologist will tell you that panda breeding is a delicate operation. It requires setting the right mood, making sure the two pandas are a good match, and shooting one of them out of multiple cannons until he lands next to his mate.

Big Pixel Studios may have just cost me a job at the local zoo, but its heart was in the right place. With a nod to games like Donkey Kong Country, Land-A Panda is a game about shooting a cannonball-shaped panda from cannon to cannon, busting through obstacles and avoiding danger in order to reunite him with his mate on the other side of the screen.

What starts as a simple auto-aiming affair soon grows into a rotating danger-studded obstacle course where timing is everything and quick thinking prevails. When you fail, a panda cries. What kind of sick bastard makes a panda cry?

Gameplay follows the three-star standard so prevalent in iPhone and iPad games these days. Collect all three stars in each level for the best score. You get four worlds with 20 levels each for a mere $.99, with more levels “coming soon.”

Land-A Panda is cute, cuddly, and ready to both please at tease your mind for hours on end.

Land-A Panda [iTunes]

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