LaCie's Wuala Cloud Storage iPhone App Encrypts And Decrypts Files

The cloud is good, yes! But it's easy to understand how it could make security-minded folks a bit woozy, what with all those personal files just sitting there waiting to be compromised. If that thought makes you feel woozy, perhaps you should look into LaCie's Wuala service, a secure online storage locker built on technology developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. It now has an iOS app.

You can get 1GB of space for free, or 25GB for $US50 a year, which all things considered is not that much, and with the new iPhone app you can access those files securely on the go - all encryption and decryption happens on your mobile device itself, so not even Wuala is privy to your password and private data. The app lets you browse files directly or, for selected file types, open them in their appropriate iPhone apps. It's free, and an Android app is on its way in the near future. [iTunes via Wuala]

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