JBL And Philips Bring Us More Rare AirPlay Goodies

I don't know, you wait months for AirPlay products, and then two come along at once! Just like buses. JBL's On Air Wireless speaker (left) actually includes a little screen for displaying track info, though obviously if you're streaming over AirPlay you could just look at the iPhone screen instead.

No word on when that dock is due for release (or how much it will cost), but we hear it'll be (northern) "spring". It'll probably be cheaper than B&W's Zeppelin Air dock, mind.

Philips Fidelio SoundSphere speakers (on the right) are going to be a lot dearer than the JBL dock, with the European price set for €799 (about $1110). They do look very stylish though, with their "floating" tweeters - but $1100 stylish? I'll reserve judgment until I hear them, when they go on sale in May. [JBL via Engadget and Philips]

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