It’s National Bacon Week. Let’s Celebrate With Gadgety Bacon Goodness

It’s National Bacon Week. Let’s Celebrate With Gadgety Bacon Goodness

According to Australian Pork Limited, this week is Australian Bacon Week. Being lovers of (almost) all things bacon here at Gizmodo, we thought it would be a good idea to look at five of our favourite bacon-related gadgets and peripherals.

1. The Bacon Lamp

 src=Who can forget the Bacon Lamp from Flickr user kmkelley617, who used his passion for bacon to create a lamp of deliciousness. While the lamp probably wouldn’t last a day here at Gizmodo, we can’t help but want one for ourselves [Flickr] [imgclear]

2. Bacon iPad Cases

 src=Completely out of date now the iPad 2 is descending upon us, but given the deals you can get on the original Apple tablet at the moment, maybe a case designed to look like bacon is as delicious a concept as ever. [Etsy] [imgclear]

3. BA-K-47

 src=It’s a machine gun made out of bacon. Sure, it doesn’t actually shoot anything, but just think how quickly world peace would be achieved if soldiers used this instead of real machine guns… [This is Freaking Ridiculous] [imgclear]

4. Bacon Watch

 src=What time is it? It’s bacon time! Never before has the time looked so tasty! [Archie McPhee] [imgclear]

5. Bacon Flavoured Envelopes

 src=In today’s world of email, who sends letters any more? What’s needed to get Australia Post back on track is an influx of bacon-flavoured envelopes. Now if we can just get bacon-flavoured stamps, our evolution as a species would be complete. [Mmmvelopes]

Any other noteworthy bacon-related gadgets out there? Let us know in comments!