It Was About Time That Someone Made An iPhone Game That Combines Jeeps, Dinosaurs, And Poop

Earlier I announced to the world that I'd developed an addiction involving jeeps, dinosaurs, and poop. I finally realised that I should probably explain what on earth I was talking about and why it's not as disgusting as it sounds.

My addiction is an iOS app called Dino Dodger. It's one of those games that's so ridiculously simple that it's a bit addictive.

The basic concept of it is that you're driving a jeep around and collecting as many dino eggs as possible without hitting any of the dinosaurs themselves. If you hit a dino, it'll let out an angry grunt. If you hit a total of three dinos, you're dead.

Of course, there also a goofy element to the game—dino poop. If you drive through a pile of dino poop, then your screen—or rather, your windshield—will become filthy and you'll struggle to see where you're driving. This'll of course make hitting a dino very likely—and you can see that it's exactly what I did in the video above.

That's all there is to this game—jeeps, dinos, and poop—and if you're as easily amused as I, that's all you really need.

Dino Dodger will cost you a buck and is available in the App Store now. [iTunes]

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