Is This The iPad 2 Australian Pricing? (UPDATE: Yes It Is!)

Whirlpool regular Brown2Hornet kicked up the proverbial hornet's nest yesterday afternoon when he posted a list of seemingly legitimate iPad 2 pricing details on the forum. Let's take a look:

UPDATE: Apple have confirmed the pricing and launch time.

MC769X/A iPad 2 Black 16GB – Wi-Fi $579.00 MC773X/A iPad 2 Black 16GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $729.00 MC770X/A iPad 2 Black 32GB – Wi-Fi $689.00 MC774X/A iPad 2 Black 32GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $839.00 MC916X/A iPad 2 Black 64GB – Wi-Fi $799.00 MC775X/A iPad 2 Black 64GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $949.00

MC979X/A iPad 2 White 16GB – Wi-Fi $579.00 MC982X/A iPad 2 White 16GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $729.00 MC980X/A iPad 2 White 32GB – Wi-Fi $689.00 MC983X/A iPad 2 White 32GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $839.00 MC981X/A iPad 2 White 64GB – Wi-Fi $799.00 MC984X/A iPad 2 White 64GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $949.00

MC947ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Leather Black $79.00 MC952ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Leather Cream $79.00 MC949ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Leather Navy $79.00 MC948ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Leather Tan $79.00

MC942ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Polyurethane Blue $45.00 MC944ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Polyurethane Green $45.00 MC939ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Polyurethane Grey $45.00 MC945ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Polyurethane Orange $45.00 MC941ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Polyurethane Pink $45.00

MC953ZM/A Digital AV Adapter $45.00

This pricing indicates a $50 saving on the price of the original iPad when it launched last year across the range. Given that the Australian dollar is close to parity, that's a relatively good deal for us.

The Whirlpool post also indicated that the device would go on sale at 5pm on Friday, regardless of timezone or city, and the red smart cover will only be sold online.

We didn't bother contacting Apple to check the accuracy of these prices - they'd only give us the "We don't comment on rumour or speculation" line if they even bothered to talk to us at all. But given we're only three days out from launch day (with no word of a delay), we can probably expect official pricing announcements to land from Apple any second now.




    I hope this is real. Though I highly doubt the 5PM release time. I've never seen a 5PM release of any Apple product ever in Australia.

      I remember lining up for the OSX 10.5 release after work, maybe 5 or 6pm. I guess it correlates to a midnight launch somewhere in the world.

    From memory I paid $1049 for my 64gb 3g/wifi, so that would be $100 off

    Friday 5pm? WTF?

      Same. I also paid $1049 for my 64Gb 3G. Might have to grab a white 16Gb Wifi to complement it. Using an iPad around the house has easily been my favourite computing experience.

        I wish that i had $1049 to spend :(

    5pm isn't so strange. It will mean the news will have fresh exciting footage of the hordes of people buying ipads. Mums & dads will see this over dinner and be convinced to rush out saturday morning to buy them (if there are any left). I think they call that PR & marketing.

    Got mine already :) - was in the US the week they launched by dumb luck so 4 episodes of Fringe in a line and I had a shiny new toy plus one for a friend ... what I couldn't believe were how many people in that line already had iPad 1's

      Did you buy a 3g ipad ... if so are able to easily get on the Australian 3g network?? Or did you have to play around with it a little bit?

        No just the Wifi - couldn't see the point of paying for another SIM + plan when the iPad tehters to my phone-as-wifi hotspot

    $689 for wifi only 32GB models is a nice saving compared to what I paid for the original 32GB iPad (wifi)-$748

      I still don't understand the huge price differences for storage size. Maybe 16GB of Flash / SSD storage 2 years ago was exceedingly expensive and Apple were taking a hit on the lowest price iPad. But $110 for each 16GB extra seems like overkill. The first iPad's extra 16GB was $120 - $130 between different models. Surely the difference should be much less now? Am I missing something?

    I know most people think the pricing is good, but it's $100 dearer for the unit I'm looking at, than the US price... and we're actually on par with the US dollar. I'm disappointed in that.

      Did you factor in that the US prices are listed BEFORE sales tax, as it varies from state to state? Those leaked prices are Inc GST

    I called my local Apple store a couple of days ago and they advised that they will be selling iPad 2 units from the time they open on Friday.

    Hmmm, $579.00 for the base model is only $30 more than what I thought it would be (basically by looking at the discounted price of the iPad 1). I guess that's not too bad a guess.

    While it's not a lot cheaper than the original, it's a lot easier to swallow. Still doubt the wife will let me get one though!

      Actually the discounted ipad1 is over a hundred bucks cheaper ($450)

      Unless if you try this:

    I just placed an order, and cancelled it 4 minutes later. I leave to go overseas in 3 weeks, and despite the order saying that it would ship in 2-3 weeks, the date in the confirmation email was 3.5 weeks away. Too late to be of any use. Will have to find an alternative device for travel.

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