Is There A Convincing Reason To Buy The Nokia E7 Slider Now?

Remember last year when Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7, and sales of Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets all but disappeared like the dinosaurs? With Nokia now set to move its smartphones over to the WP7 platform, it kind of feels like the E7 slider they've just released is headed down the same path to extinction.

Powered by Symbian^3, the E7 is a stunning phone to look at, with a four-inch AMOLED screen and a full qwerty keypad. Like other E series phones, it supports Microsoft Exchange server syncing, plus a built-in VPN, conference calling and support for OVI applications.

But despite the looks, there's no avoiding the fact that the E7 smartphone is powered by Symbian, a platform Nokia itself has decided to move away from as a smartphone OS. With an outright RRP of $929, and an OS that is well on its way to obsolescence for smartphones, you have to wonder what would convince someone to buy an E7 in lieu of a different smartphone. Any ideas?


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