Is Motorola Developing Its Own OS?

Motorola's nabbed a few engineers from both Apple and Adobe recently, and just what do you think they're working on? According to the whisper-mill, it's their own mobile platform. No-one seems to know whether it's for mobile phones, tablets or both.

Supposedly they're using webOS-style frameworks and tools for the best possible fighting chance against the other platforms' apps. Could this platform be borne from Motorola's acquisition of 280 North last year? When they bought the company in August, it was largely thought that Motorola wanted their open-source Cappuccino programming language to create apps. 280 North also brought with it their Objective-J programming language, which uses Javascript to run web apps within the browser.

Whatever they're doing with 280 North, Motorola obviously feels some sort of kinship with Nokia. After all, they've both been through hard times—and only scraped by after adopting another company's OS. Motorola's director for European & MEA Converged Experiences told TechRadar that they "look at what's happening with Nokia and we did that on a smaller scale three years ago". [InformationWeek via SlashGear and TechRadar]

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