Iraqis Flocked To Western Digital Habits During The War

Aside from infrastructural devastation and enormous loss of civilian life, the 2003 US invasion of Iraq has had some pretty fascinating effects on the way they live - particularly their absorption of American habits. Including the way we're glued to our phones, says NYT reporter Mahmood Al-Bachary:

The mobile phone, this weird creature that entered our lives with the Americans, has spread in a mad way. Landlines were the only means of communication before 2003, but since the war Iraq has adopted mobile phones faster than any other country in the world. But our use of the mobile phone has been overdone, because even the guy pushing the cart in the market has one or two mobile phones, and if you want to buy a tomato from the market you have to wait for the stall holder to finish his phone call with one of his friends or his wife. In that way, mobile phones have become part of our culture. This, too, we adopted from the Americans, and it has entered every house and was welcomed by every person.


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