iPad 2 Will Be Released In Australia On March 25

The good news? Australians will only have to wait a fortnight after the US release of the iPad 2 for the second generation of Apple's tablet to go on sale in Australia, with the device set to hit stores on Friday March 25. The bad news? We don't yet have pricing details.

In the US, where the new iPad (complete with dual cameras, thinner design and a choice of black or white casing) goes on sale on March 11, a 16GB basic model will cost $US499, the 32GB version will be $US599 and the 64GB version will be $US699. The same options with 3G added will cost $US629, $US729 and $US829 respectively.

Despite near-parity with the US dollar, we'll be surprised if the pricing is exactly the same in Australia. That said, since the pricing should have been set more recently than with the original iPad and the US pricing matches that of the original iPad, we might not see so much of the "Apple tax" applied. Meanwhile, pricing on the original iPad has been cut dramatically.

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