iPad 2: What You Need To Know

iPad 2: What You Need To Know

It’s a strange day to be an unabashed consumer given what’s happening on the other side of the world. But if you are going to buy an iPad 2 today (or March 25 in Australia), here’s what you need to know.

iPad 2 First Reviews
The first reviews of the iPad 2 – all the early impressions, from the Wall Street Journal and New York Times to PC Magazine and Laptop Mag are right here. More »[imgclear]

The Best iPad Apps
You’ve seen the commercials; apps are what makes an iPad come to life. Here are the very best ones for work, play, creation, consumption and everything in between.[imgclear]

iPad 2: All the Details
The iPad 2 is a lot faster than the first generation, it has a new design – a lot thinner and lighter – and it has two cameras built-in – one in the front for video-conference and one for high-definition video and photos on the back. Here are all the details about it. Read all the details »[imgclear]


Here are the rest of major news about the iPad 2, from last week’s event in California – from new apps to a new magnetic cover.[imgclear]

Garage Band for iPad Puts a Full Recording Studio on Your Lap
Garage Band for iPad always seemed like a no-brainer to me, and it’s clear that Apple thought so too – they were just taking their time to get it right. It looks like it’s gonna be an impressively capable solution for sketching out music on your tablet. More »[imgclear]

iMovie for iPad: Precision Editing and Multitrack Audio
Apple is bringing iMovie to the iPad, which promises precision video editing, multitrack audio recording, Airplay compatibility and the ability to export movies in HD. Oh, and it’s also coming as an update for iPhone and iPod touch devices. It will cost $6. More »[imgclear]


The iPad 2’s New Smart Cover Is Barely There
The iPad 2 is here, and it brought some new accessories along with it. Namely, a totally redesigned cover flap that flips back to double as a stand and an HDMI cable for mirroring your iPad on your TV. More »[imgclear]


The iPad 2 Is Thinner Than iPhone 4
Just how thick is iPad 2? For anyone who needs some perspective on what 8.8mm means, that’s a third thinner than the current iPad and a half a millimetre thinner than iPhone 4. Sounds like you could almost cut yourself on it. More »[imgclear]