Infinity Blade Looks Even Better On A 50-Inch HDTV

Infinity Blade Looks Even Better On A 50-Inch HDTV

Want to know why Nintendo are wary of Apple in the portable gaming space? Look no further than this video of Infinity Blade being run from an iPad 2 to a 50-inch screen via HDMI. Wow.

We’ve been proclaiming the importance of Infinity Blade as a turning point for iOS gaming since its launch last year, but nothing puts it quite into the same perspective as watching the game play on a 50-inch screen. Suddenly, the iPad 2 seems like so much more than just a tablet, it’s a powerful portable HD gaming machine.

What’s even more exciting is that due to the new iPad’s HDMI output, gamers can now enjoy their mobile games on a huge HD screen, and it will only be a matter of time before developers begin to take advantage of that with UIs created for gamers touching the iPad’s touchscreen while looking up at a plasma.

And given that the same kind of connectivity options are available for Android tablets, the only thing holding Android back is the lack of software. hopefully Android developers will jump on this, creating HD quality games with easy to use interfaces for playing on a big screen too.

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