Huawei X5 Is The Cheapest High-End Android Phone Available

Maybe it's just the whiskey in the image, but there's something exceptionally appealing about the new IDEOS X5 smartphone from Huawei. It could be the 3.8-inch 800x480 screen, the 5MP camera or the fact it runs Froyo, but I think it might be the relatively tiny $349 pricetag.

The X5 does only boast a 800MHz processor, and only supports the 900/2100MHz spectrums making it useless on NextG, but for that pricetag you can't really complain.

And if you don't want to pony up the $349 upfront, the phone is also on a $29 Crazy Johns cap plan for $0, or you can get two handsets for free on a $49 twin cap deal.


    Maybe it's the heavier than whiskey ice cubes.

    Do you know how hard it is to get here in Adelaide?
    My 2 local stores have sold out, and yesterday the city Dick Smith had a few in stock. Today they sold out before I could get down there.

    I have a reserved package down at Arndale, which have also sold out (2 hours after I reserved mine on-line)

    Good luck getting one this week if you're out searching.

      My Dick Smith received a few and we have only sold one as of yesterday. Try a smaller store, they tend to keep longer.

      I played about with one of the units that came in, feels sort of light, but not as cheapish as I thought. Turned on a lot faster than the original IDEOS and was quite zippy, not to mention it comes with a few games. If I dropped my HTC Desire in the toilet tomorrow, I would consider getting one.

        My 2 local (smaller) stores were the first ones I called. But in my lunchbreak today I can travel down and pick up the phone.

        Lightness doesn't bother me much since I've been using 'dumb' phones and this will be my first 'smart' phone it might actually be heavier.

    That looks a little like gingerbread to me, though I'm no authority on the matter.

    $299 on CJ prepaid ... locked or not is the question?

      To you and Dean,
      I asked them on the phone and it was locked to their network.
      $100 to get it unlocked, which makes DSE cheaper by $50.

        The Huawei X5 is definitely unlocked according to their Twitter (!/crazyjohns) and their representative on Whirlpool forum.

        $299 unlocked for this phone is sweet.

          Just bought one, its unlocked.

    Actually you can get it online from Crazy John's for $299 on a prepaid plan. Rumour has it that the first batch is unlocked.

    no nextG = fail

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