How To Fix Annoyances With Firefox 4’s New Look

How To Fix Annoyances With Firefox 4’s New Look

Firefox 4 has a lot going for it, but many of you (and us) mentioned that its UI has a few quirks that are a little annoying. Here’s how to fix some of the worst offenders.

Move the Tabs Back to the Bottom

Move the Reload Button

Get Rid of the Google Search Box

Get Rid of the Add-On Bar

Move the Firefox Button to the Toolbar

Movable Firefox Button

Move Tabs Up to Save Vertical Space

blogger David Naylor and his commenters

#main-window[sizemode=normal] [tabsontop]#appmenu-button-container {
position: fixed !important;
z-index: 2 !important;
#main-window[sizemode=normal] [tabsontop]#toolbar-menubar[autohide=”true”] {
#main-window[sizemode=normal]#navigator-toolbox[tabsontop]> #toolbar-menubar[autohide]~ #TabsToolbar {

This doesn’t move the tabs completely to the top of the window, but it does give you a bit more vertical space. It also assumes you’re showing the Firefox button, whether you’ve moved it or not. If you’re keeping a normal menu bar, you may need to change all the autohide settings to true instead of false.

Fix Blurry Fonts

Anti-Aliasing Tuner@willsmith

Those are just a few of the UI tweaks you can make to fix anything you find annoying in Firefox 4’s new look. If you’ve got your own favourite tweaks, be sure to share them with us in the comments. Warning: If you’re here to say “why not just use Chrome instead of making Firefox look like Chrome?” please keep it to yourself. We won’t be putting up with that today; this isn’t the place.

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