Hemispheres Inflight Mag Wants To Kick SkyMall's Arse

Apparently they're putting magazines on iPads these days, so United and Continental want to get in on the jamboree. Their new iPad offering, Hemispheres, sounds like a pretty standard inflight publication, while also pumping in audio, video and images.

Will it be great? Seeing as it's published by Ink, the same company that cranks out every other mediocre TOP TEN BOWLS OF SPAGHETTI IN WASHINGTON DC! cover story aeroplane mag - probably no, it won't be great. But if you have an iPad, it'll be something else to read on the aeroplane, which in itself has some inherent worth. And it's free! Anything to keep you from that inevitable moment at which you crack open SkySmall and admit to yourself, Self, I have hit rock bottom. Let's browse some toasters with phones built into them. [iTunes]

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