Getupp Helps You Stick To Your Goals By Involving Your Friends

Getupp is a neat web app that helps you set your goals and share them publicly so you're held accountable to the world. To make sure keep your commitments, Getupp can notify your Facebook friends if you break a commitment so you can be sure everyone will find out that you're a slacker.

Making a commitment is very easy. Getupp uses Facebook to authenticate you, as it's a Facebook-based app, and from there you just choose your category, enter in what you're going to do, when you need to do it, how flexible that due date is, and how public you want your commitment to be. You don't have to alert everybody of your success or failure each time, but it is an option to help keep you accountable. If public humiliation is a big motivator for you—and it is a popular and successful method lately — Getupp is a free and easy option.


Republished from Lifehacker

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