Galaxy Tab 10.1 Exclusive, But Not Locked To Vodafone

With word of release dates and pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 this morning, we've just had clarification that when the device goes on sale next month around the country, it will be exclusive to Vodafone, but not locked to the network.

That said, it will be pre-loaded with Vodafone software, which will obviously work best if partnered with the Vodafone network. Given Honeycomb is yet to become mainstream, it may also take a little while for custom ROMs to appear that will clear out the Voda software for that vanilla Honeycomb operating system experience.

With the outright price including 6GB of data with three months expiry, at least those of you keen for the new Galaxy Tab will be able to switch carriers when your data runs out (or even beforehand) should you choose.


    Currently at Circular Quay station, they have a tent set up demonstrating the Galaxy Tab 10.1 hands on. Adriano Zumbo is apparently also a sponsor so I can imagine free macaroons at some point in the day!

    Is Australia getting the new design 10.1 or the old fatter one ? Also is there official aus pricing or are we just basing estimates off of the US price ?

      Both. This is the older model unveiled at MWC. The new model announced overnight will be available in Q3 this year.

        ahh ok, damn, will be a long wait :(

    Vodafone AU website are calling it network locked.
    (wouldn't be the first time a carrier website was incorrect).

      That page has since been corrected.

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