Fandor Wants To Be Your Indie Movie Streaming HQ

We love Netflix streaming more than some of our own family members, and it does have a pretty great catalogue - but what about smaller films? More artsy films made by Swedish teenagers, depicting a single rose as it blossoms and slowly shrivels (metaphor for the global recession, duh!)?

AU: Fandor is only available in the US, but would like to "eventually become an international service". -EH

If you're looking for some of the terrific smaller flicks that probably never made it to your local theatre, streaming site Fandor wants to be there for you. It's essentially a Netflix for movies outside the mainstream - or at least it's striving to be. It's got a catalogue of 2500 titles so far, including Oscar-nominated Greek drama Dogtooth. It'd be another 10 bucks a month atop whatever existing streaming subscriptions you have, but it could be a convenient way to broaden your horizons a bit. [Fandor via NYT]

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