eBay’s Updated iPhone App Will Let You List An Item Within 60 Seconds

eBay’s Updated iPhone App Will Let You List An Item Within 60 Seconds

 title=eBay’s mobile apps have always been pretty good for buying stuff on the go, but not so great for selling stuff. The latest version will fix that, with the ability to list an item for sale within a minute using your iPhone’s camera as a barcode reader.

The updated app lets you use your phone’s camera to take photos of your sale, as well as scan any barcode that might be on the packaging to quickly populate information about the product, as well as compare in-store prices with eBay prices on the fly. Given how much time it can take to create a proper eBay listing, making the process quicker and easier can only be a good thing.

In addition to the barcode scanning, there are also a list of updated features, which have been conveniently copied and pasted from the press release:

· My eBay ‘Quick View’: provides instant watching, buying and selling updates
· Instant access to the Big Deal: provides instant access to the latest great deals on eBay.com.au
· Saved Searches: allows users to create, update and customise saved searches while on the go
· Greater Selections: users can now select variations of one item, such as different sizes or colours
· Easy Refresh: simple and immediate refresh of any screen, by sliding downwards
· Push Alerts: customised to notify users when an item is ending and when they’ve been outbid
· Reminders: act as a to-do list for active purchases and sales