Don't Spend Money On Not-That-Fast Gaming/Performance Mice

Now that even the cheapest computer mouse is laser-guided, can any of them be that much "faster" at pointing and clicking? Your common sense tells you no, and it's right. One manufacturer released test results showing that a $US100 "performance" mouse was actually slower than a $US12 cheap-o.

Mouse maker WarMouse does have some skin it this game, as their WarMouse is promoted on the value of its multi-key macro buttons, not its "speed". But in testing out its own mouse against the competition, and being brutally honest about fraction-of-a-millisecond differences, they've put the lie to the idea that serious gamers, or productivity obsessives, are getting much of anything out of their "faster" pointers.

High-Performance Gaming Mice Don't Perform [WarMouse Meta via Slashdot]

Republished from Lifehacker

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