Does The iPad 2 Really Only Have 256MB Of RAM?

One of guys demoing the iPad 2 in London stoked our worst fears about why Apple's not being too open with the amount of RAM in the iPad 2: He said it's only got 256MB. The same as in the first iPad. Ouch.

It almost doesn't make sense. Like, we hope he's wrong, that Apple gave their Brits inaccurate info, that the demo dude didn't know what he was talking about. That's less than iPhone 4's 512MB, less than the Motorola Xoom and Atrix 4G's 1GB of memory.

So we asked again, to reconfirm. That's when the head PR person at the event came over. Their response? The guy shouldn't have said anything about that RAM. And, "I can't confirm if that is true or not."

As fast the A5 chip and new graphics performance may be, if the iPad 2 really only has 256MB of memory, that's gonna create a whole different kind of performance bottleneck. It's gotta be the same as the iPhone 4. Surely. [iPad 2 Hands On]



    Great, that means tabbed browsers will continue to crash.

      Apple don't want you browsing the web.. They'd rather force everyone to make an app to do the same job, which makes it easier for them to take their pound of flesh.

      Why would tabbed browsing crash on the iPad 2 when it doesn't cause the current iPad to crash? Explain please as I'm not understanding your logic.

        he says continue.. 'CONTINUE' as in to continue doing what it is HAS been doing on is iPad...

        glad it doesn't happen to you, guess it happens to him.

    They had to keep the price down some how.
    Low ram can be managed if the flash storage is fast enough and the OS is smart enough.
    Wait and see how it performs first then claim shenanigans and bottlenecks.

      From the vids online it runs faaaaa rrrr kkkiiinn fast.

      Yes smart things can be done but dont blame this limitation on price. It would cost apple literally cents to double the RAM in the device.

    NOT DO BUY AN iPAD 2.0
    To see why:

    Hey Matt, you must own that doggy website you linked us to, Go Home.

    my boss has an ipad. i have to use it for work, 4 to 5 times a week

    and i can tell you nearly everytime i use the browser with more than 3 windows. it crashes.


    Yeah I thought it was strange there is no mention of RAM on their 'tech spec'( page.

    That kind of sucks if true. Double the ram was actually the single reason I would have loved to update. Sick of tabs causing low memory issues and choking or worse - crashing.

    Look. The iPad 2 must have at least 512mb of ram or iMovie wouldn't work and why it's only on iPhone 4. Gees come on people.

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