Does The iPad 2 Really Only Have 256MB Of RAM?

One of guys demoing the iPad 2 in London stoked our worst fears about why Apple’s not being too open with the amount of RAM in the iPad 2: He said it’s only got 256MB. The same as in the first iPad. Ouch.

It almost doesn’t make sense. Like, we hope he’s wrong, that Apple gave their Brits inaccurate info, that the demo dude didn’t know what he was talking about. That’s less than iPhone 4’s 512MB, less than the Motorola Xoom and Atrix 4G’s 1GB of memory.

So we asked again, to reconfirm. That’s when the head PR person at the event came over. Their response? The guy shouldn’t have said anything about that RAM. And, “I can’t confirm if that is true or not.”

As fast the A5 chip and new graphics performance may be, if the iPad 2 really only has 256MB of memory, that’s gonna create a whole different kind of performance bottleneck. It’s gotta be the same as the iPhone 4. Surely. [iPad 2 Hands On]