Dell Channelling 1998 Nokia For New Inspiron R PCs

Technology, like fashion, is cyclical in nature. Here's the proof: Dell has put on its Hot Hits 1998 CD and created a lineup of Inspiron PCs with interchangeable faceplates, obviously inspired by the Nokia 5110 phone.

Powered by Intel's Sandy Bridge processors, rocking a 15-inch screen and with a starting price of $699, the laptop's key feature is the interchangeable lid. Dubbed Switch, there are 25 new "eye-popping" lids (according to the press release). While my eyes didn't exactly pop while browsing the designs, some did make my mind cringe, which I guess is more or less the same effect.

Still, Sandy Bridge laptops that you can personalise for under $700 is a pretty good deal, despite the fact the lids are at least $39 each.


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