Comedian Gets Fired Because Of Insensitive Tweets About Japan

Gilbert Gottfried, a pretty foul-mouthed comedian and tasteless Twitterer, was the voice of the Aflac Duck. You know, the duck that obnoxiously screeches AFFFLAAAACCKKK to sell insurance. Not anymore though, Aflac has fired Gottfried for posting dumb and insensitive tweets regarding Japan. He reportedly tweeted:

"Japan called me. They said ‘maybe those jokes are a hit in the U.S., but over here, they're all sinking.'"

"I was talking to my Japanese real estate agent. I said ‘is there a school in this area.' She said ‘not now, but just wait.'"

Those aren't even funny jokes! It's one thing to go out in a blaze of glory but it's completely idiotic when you're being an unfunny jackass who just lost the easiest job in the world. [Mashable]

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