CIA And KGB Spy Weapons: Rectal Escape Kits, Turd Transmitters And Lipstick Guns

You didn't think the first set of the historical CIA spykit was all they had, right?Come on! It's the CIA. Here's a few images from another set that also includes some KGB weapons. Some of these "tools" are rather interesting.

The picture above is an escape kit issued by the CIA in the 1960's. The idea is that with all these little knives, one could reasonably escape capture. The only problem? Well, the capsule that houses these knives would be inside your rectum.


There's a cyanide pellet hidden inside this pair of glasses. If spies were captured, they could chew on it to avoid torture (but die).

It's a piece of turd. Well, it was also a homing beacon that gave signals to pilots. But it's a piece of turd.

Ladies can be spies too! From the KGB, this is a lipstick gun that had a single 4.5mm bullet.

The coin could hold microdots and microfilm. It was opened by tapping a needle inside a tiny hole on the face of the coin. Sneaky! See more pictures of CIA and KGB spy weapons at Wired.

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