Chomp For Android

Chomp For Android

Searching for apps through the Android Market can be an exercise in hair-pulling frustration. Chomp for Android makes finding Android apps a lot easier.

What is it?

Chomp, Free, Android. It’s amazing that even with the Google juice powering Android Market, using Android Market’s search function can be, well, so not zesty. When I looked for Chomp in Android Market, a game called Hungry Shark (and its various expansion packs) took over the top results. Even Google made apps like Google Reader or Listen weren’t typical googlefast in finding. In general, the apps you want, the apps you search for, the apps you’ll download aren’t always the one you see.

Chomp is a replacement for Android Market’s search function. And for pure app-searching purposes, Chomp is smarter than Android Market. It’s as simple as that. You can search by app category, such as Restaurant Guides, Crosswords Games, or Driving Apps or Driving Games or just anything that comes to mind, really. Chomp even has a special section for apps on sale. But filtering like that isn’t the key feature here, Chomp does a really great job in excising the excess fat that comes with any app market and does it attractively, with a sweeping, side scrolling interface (CoverFlow-esque, if you will).

Who’s it good for?

People who are sick of sifting through crappy apps to get to the one they want to download. People who like simple searches and even simpler search results. People who want to find more apps.

Why’s it better than alternatives?

Chomp’s algorithm magically makes a lot of the crap in Android Market disappear. Instead of trying to give you every app that has tagged itself music, Chomp’s results gives you music apps that you’ll actually download.

It’s also better than other Android Market “replacements” because the interface is easier to use. When you’re searching, you get real-time suggestions complete with app icons (rather than plain text of Android Market). And once you’ve completed your search, you get to see screenshots of the app and a link to the real Android Market (for downloading the app) in the slide sweeping interface.

There’s fewer lists to comb through meaning fewer unnecessary steps to take.

How could it be even better?

The search is good but it’s not all the way perfect yet. And as much as lists bore me, I’d love to see a full list of suggested categories. An option to see related apps for every app instead of offer just related categories, would be cool too.

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