Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter: Thousands Of Followers Added Each Minute

Love him or hate him or just plain laugh at him, Charlie Sheen has joined his celebrity Twitter brethren today. Not surprisingly, an army of curious onlookers have started following, hoping for an online meltdown or just something slightly twisted and bitter from the actor. Sheen's Twitter account, which became live this morning (Australian time) has been verified - so it's the real deal and not some kid pretending to be drunk and rich with lots of spare time...Hang on a min...

Sheen's Twitter base has grown astoundingly large since it came online today: expanding by the rate of thousands of followers each minute. At last count, there were over 73,000 desperate Twitter fans hoping for a reference from Ferris Buellers Day Off. You might remember how in that film, Sheen played a guy in trouble with the law, but was only too happy to give out valuable life advice. Yes it's true: 80s teen films can predict the future. Take that logic!

[via Twitter]

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