Breathtaking Saturn Video Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

After all the horror we are seeing these days, after the continuous bad news, I think it's time for some spirit-cleansing beauty. Something to remind us that humans and nature can sometimes produce awe-inspiring things.

The Cassini spacecraft reached Saturn in 2004, sending the clearest images of the most striking planet in the Solar System. Working at home, Stephen Van Vuuren used those photos to create the most hypnotising space film I've seen. There is no CGI and no 3D models in these images. Just images from NASA.

Stephen took the approach and orbit photos, painstakingly cropping, scaling and putting them together in an IMAX-quality film. Tens of thousands 5,600,000-pixel video frames in full 32-bit natural colour. He is still working on it. When he's done, I want to see this big. [Thanks Karl!]

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